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Raw Honey from New Zealand

Kairangi NZ Ltd. provides beautiful raw honey from their beehives. They don't blend, They have a unique flavour and taste in each location. and most importantly, They don't use heat to bottle honey. Simply, honey comes from the honeycomb, strained in each bottle.

It comes from NZ so all honey contains Manuka (MGO - methylglyoxal, the naturally occurring compound that makes Manuka honey so special)

Kairangi Honey is something rare, artisan honey, especially in HK. We promise that Kairangi honey is the best honey for you.

Raw honey treats your immune system with a delicious boost, rich in vitamins and minerals, including enzymes and phytochemicals.

We love all 4 kinds of taste. We enjoy honey lemon every morning and enjoy honey on the toast, cheese, fruits and yoghurt. Please try!!

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