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This product will be shipped from Kairangi Honey Farm in New Zealand. Price includs post fee.


Authentic West Auckland Raw Honey

Manuka, Kanuka, Cabbage tree etc..

The location is near Kairangi farm and surrounded by NZ native trees. This February honey has a mild woody flavour with a fruity touch. 


Batch 6-IH-F22


Location : Anzac Valley Road, Waitakere, Auckland

Honey type :Raw  Nativebush Honey

Harvested : 2022


500g Jar x 2pcs  /  250g Jar x 4pcs


2022  2月の蜜 アンザックバレー、ワイタケレ

ネイティブブッシュ 非加熱蜂蜜



Batch : 6-IH-F22

Made in Waitakere, NZ.

Feb. 2022 Anzac Valley Raw Nativebush Honey 1kg

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