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This product will be shipped from Kairangi Honey Farm in New Zealand. Price includs post fee.


Authentic West Auckland Raw Honey

Hive location is very close to our Kairangi home block in Waitakere, West Auckland. The woody and dark taste of Manuka and Kanuka. This is the authentic honey around here. 


Location : Anzac Valley Road, Waitakere, Auckland

Honey type : Nativebush Honey

Harvested : 2021


Batch : 7-I–2021


2021 アンザックバレー、ワイタケレ

ネイティブブッシュ 非加熱蜂蜜 MGO75+



Batch : 7-I-2021

Made in Waitakere, NZ.

Anzac Valley MGO78+

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