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  • Quick and simple to fold with one hand when carrying a child
  • One-hand adjustable sliding handlebar for a perfect fit
  • Compact fold and self-standing capability make for easy carry, transportation, and storage
  • Swiveling front wheel with suspension that can be locked into a fixed position for a comfortable ride anywhere
  • Vented canopy with see-through mesh for peekaboo feature gives your child a pleasant ride in any weather
  • Reclining seat for comfort and on-the-go naps
  • Step-in footrest makes it easy for older children to climb into the stroller on their own
  • Adjustable canopy with integrated extension that shields from low sun and provides UPF 50+ UV protection
  • No-puncture foam filled 8,5” tires for a smooth ride on a rougher surface
  • Five-point harness for a secure ride



  • 抱孩子時用一隻手即可快速簡便地折疊。
  • 單手可調式滑動車把,完美貼合。
  • 緊湊的折疊和自立能力使其易於攜帶,運輸和存儲。
  • 帶有懸架的可旋轉前輪,可以鎖定到固定位置,以在任何地方舒適地行駛。
  • 帶透視網孔的通風頂篷可提供躲避功能。
  • 躺椅可提供舒適性和小睡時間。

  • 踏入式腳凳使年齡較大的孩子更容易自行爬入嬰兒車。

  • 帶有集成擴展件的可調節頂篷,可遮擋低日照並提供UPF 50+紫外線防護。

  • 無刺泡沫填充的8.5英寸輪胎可在粗糙的表面上平穩行駛。

  • 五點式安全帶,確保安全行駛。

Thule Spring - Aluminium Shadow Grey

HK$3,780.00 Regular Price
HK$1,512.00Sale Price
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