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Thule Sweden

Things to see, things to do – and so much to experience! Enjoy it with Thule Spring, the flexible, fun and functional stroller that makes your daily life easier.

值得一看的事物,要做的事情–以及豐富的經驗! Thule Spring是一款靈活,有趣且實用的手推車,讓您的日常生活更加輕鬆自在。


Easy one hand fast fold

Fast and easy one-hand fold and handlebar adjustment make Thule Spring a perfect companion when you are out and about with your child.

快速便捷的單手折疊和車把調節功能使Thule Spring成為與孩子外出旅行時的完美伴侶。

Simple to store

With a compact fold and self-standing capability, Thule Spring takes up limited space and makes for simple storage.

憑藉緊湊的折疊和自立能力,Thule Spring佔用的空間有限,並且易於存放。


Lets you get around with ease

Designed for urban terrain. Get around with ease. Large wheels, compact design, and smooth handling make for more leisurely days with your child. Comfortable and lightweight, Thule Spring gives you the freedom to go wherever you want to go.

專為城市地形而設計。輕鬆地走動。大輪子,緊湊的設計和順暢的操作使您的孩子度過了悠閒的一天。 Thule Spring舒適輕便,可讓您自由走到任何地方。

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