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About Kairangi Natural Honey Soap


This traditional soap-making method allows us to use only the best natural ingredients and essential oils to produce a soap suitable for the most sensitive skins. Our specialist cold soap making process creates a gentle soap that ages over 8 weeks to produce a long-lasting bar with ultimate moisturization. Only high-quality vegetable oils, plenty of unheated raw New Zealand Manuka and native Kanuka bush honey, essential natural oils for fragrance, and mica for colouring are used to create our soap. 

By simply changing your synthetic detergent to our Kairangi soap, this will give your skin and hair a natural beauty; and save the soil, sea, rivers and the creatures that live there.

*Add 7% ~ 13% manuka and native bush honey 

*No palm oil

*No synthetic colour, fragrance or chemicals

*Cold process method

*100% compostable package

*Made in Waitakere, NZ















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