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Set of honey from Hihi Peninsula January harvest, Hihi Peninsla December harvest, Swanson December Manuka honey and February Harvest from Te Henga. 


This product will be shipped from Kairangi Honey Farm in New Zealand. Price includs post fee. 


Jan 2022 Hihi Peninsula Raw Multifloral Honey MG16+

Our January 2022 honey harvested has a beautiful golden colour and a silky smooth taste with a touch of fresh fruity floral flavours at the end. It contains Manuka honey as well.

Batch : 5-K-JA22


Dec 2022 Hihi Peninsula Raw Multifloral Honey MG159+

Our December honey harvest has a beautiful rich Manuka and smooth taste with a touch of fresh nuts, and chocolate flavours and slight sourness at the end.

Batch : 1-K-D22


Dec Swanson Waitakere, Raw Manuka Honey MG59+

Beautiful Manuka honey with a hint of fresh lime from surrounding orchards..

Batch : 2-HJ-D21


January Te Henga Raw Nativebush Honey

(Bethells Beach, Waitakere)

The Tasman sea & massive sand-dunes are located nearby. This honey is fruity with a caramel flavour associated with Pohutukawa,

Kanuka and Manuka.

Batch 3-SH-J23


Each jar is 250g, Total 1kg of Honey. 

Beautiful 4 Honey Set

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