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Bicycle apparel brand <SLO'O> in Taiwan is a manufacturer that manufactures and sells high-quality products with the original design.

Masks have appeared and are sold in various fields and industries due to the influence of coronavirus, but the new mask from SLO'O has extremely high performance and breath easier. You feel much comfortable to wear for hot summer.

Speaking of filtration performance, while it has the performance equivalent to N100, which is two steps higher than the N95 mask, it can breathe about 3 times more easily than the N95 mask. 

Certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA for medical devices, the antivirus, antibacterial, and anti particulate filtration rates are all 99.9%, passing the test of Nelson, a well-known inspection agency in the United States. Its performance has been proven to be comparable to an air purifier with a HEPA filter.

Next, it is a fit that will also be involved in the barrier function, but the three-dimensional shaped design firmly covers the bottom of the chin, it is not a type to hook on the ear, it is fixed with a rubber band with a buckle on the back of the head, so it is comfortable and long You can wear the time.

Since the mask body can be washed, you can always use it cleanly. Also, the attached filter can be used for about 30 days with one piece. (Wash every 1 to 3 days or disinfect at a high temperature of about 70 degrees, or disinfect with alcohol with an alcohol content of 75% or less)

The filter maintains its original performance even after being washed and disinfected up to 10 times.

The main body is a set of 1 mask and 3 filters, and this set can be used for about 90 days. There is also a filter only sale, so you can purchase it additionally. Click here for filter page

Also, it has oil resistance and alcohol resistance and can be washed with water or alcohol, so you can always use it clean and with peace of mind.

*HEPA filter is a JIS standard “filter that has a particle collection rate of 99.97% or more for particles with a particle size of 0.3 μm at the rated flow rate and an initial pressure loss of 245 Pa or less” Refers to.


Mask : body 85% polyester, 15% polypropylene

Filter : 50% polyester, 40% polypropylene, 10% nanoporous film

Set contents: 1 mask body, 3 dedicated filters

Color: Black, White, Grey, Dark Blue

Size: Kids (XS), Small (S), Midium (M)


今次要好清楚解說一下SLO’O AIR LAB antiviral mask的功能及重點分享一下:











由於可以清洗面罩主體,因此可以每日重複使用,附帶的過濾片一件可使用約30天。 (每1-3天清洗一次,或在約70度的高溫下消毒,或用酒精含量為75%或以下的酒精消毒)











HEPA過濾器是JIS標準的“對於額定流量為0.3μm且初始壓力損失為245 Pa以下的顆粒,其顆粒收集率為99.97%或更高”指。











Slo'o N100 Mask Grey

HK$420.00 Regular Price
HK$100.00Sale Price
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