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Thule Sleek matches the needs of your family, from your baby’s birth and for years ahead. Add a bassinet, a sibling seat, or a car seat. Bring one, two or even three kids. It is the stroller you make it. Versatile – because you are.

Thule Sleek從寶寶出生到未來幾年都可以滿足您家庭的需求。添加搖籃,同級座椅或汽車座椅。帶一個,兩個甚至三個孩子。它是您製造的嬰兒車。多功能–因為您是。


Freedom to move

Whether in single, double, or twin mode, Thule Sleek is easy to maneuver anywhere you go thanks to its compact size, front swivel wheels, and lightweight construction.

無論是單模,雙模還是雙模,Thule Sleek都因其緊湊的尺寸,前旋轉輪和輕巧的結構而易於隨處操作。

Flexibility for any occasion

From infant to toddler, and from one to two kids, Thule Sleek converts to match the needs of your family. *Bassinet and Sibling seat sold separately

從嬰兒到蹣跚學步,再到一兩個孩子,Thule Sleek可以滿足您家庭的需求。 * Bassinet和兄弟姐妹座椅單獨出售

A comfortable ride

The large, reclining seat and the ventilated canopy with extendable sun visor ensure that your child will enjoy every ride.


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